Curriculum vitae

My story

What started as a part time freelancer job for local papers and music blogs has turned into a weird career. Somewhere there, I also heavily got into design, consulting and rock n roll.

I have worked for clients from a wide range of industries and sizes as a creative, marketer, communications specialist, strategist, planner, writer, and designer. My portfolio contains major domestic (Finland) and international projects and I have received industry awards for my deeds and misdeeds.

Some of my old and current client brands include Mutti, Halti, Snellman, EasyFit, Weekendbee, Skand, Kansallinen Kokoomus, Visit Åland, Forenom, Lasinen lapsuus, Kela, Jim-channel and Mercedes-Benz.

In addition to my other duties, I also occasionally direct small to medium video projects for clients.

Currently, I’m getting an MBA in Marketing and Communication Management.



Master of Arts

University of Helsinki

Graduated 2017

Germanic language and literature, long minor in Leadership, short minor in Intercultural studies and Dutch language. Also took courses in Film Studies, Marketing, Linquistics and Sociology.

Why I studied it: curiosity, general knowledge and love of language and literature.

Master of Business Administration


Working on it

I am currently in the process of writing my MBA thesis about creative processes at Genero. Specialicing in marketing and communications management.

Why I study it: like a doctor, I believe education helps me to make recommendations that are healthier to my clients.

Bachelor of Business Administration


ICT network management

Completed my ICT bachelor simultaneously with my MA degree. Studied information network management and programming. My thesis was about ERP purchase processes.

Why I studied it: I wanted to gain an edge over the job market place by having at least some higher ICT related skills and education.

Main skills

Marketing and communication management & strategy
MBA (2022) / Haaga-Helia
Worked in NGO, ICT, Technology & PR and marketing and comms industries.
Experience and certifications in channel selection, product design, go-to-market strategies, budgeting, advertising, PR and setting key performance metrics in campaigns and always on marketing. Capabilities also in website design, layouts, print and trade fair concepts. Have participated in management consultant work and consulted many CMO’s and marketing professionals in many national and international companies on strategy and positioning.
Finnish and English
Customers include brands like Mercedes Benz, Mutti, Kela, Snellman, Kokoomus, Halti, Fresh, Skyr, Tradenomit, Syöpäyhdistykset, Forenom, etc.
Awards include Vuoden Kultahuippu “Kokemuksellinen palvelumuotoilu”, “Young Lions Finland Bronze” as a lead, and few others in a more minor role.
Brand Strategy
B2B and B2C companies
Most significant work is the re-branding of Tradenomit
Usually included also indentity work
A constantly growing part of my work
Service Design
ECTS 10 certified
Customers include Mutti, Kela, Lasinen Lapsuus, Ähtäri Zoo.
Awards include Vuoden Kultahuippu “Kokemuksellinen palvelumuotoilu”.
Film and radio direction
Small to medium video projects
Customers include brands Mutti, Älvsbytalo, Lasinen lapsuus, and Skand.
Many radio campaigns, among them Skyr Low lactose launch, Älsbytalo Home Builders campaign, Kantapalvelut brand campaign, Visit Åland, Kokoomus communal election recruiting campaign.
Concept design
I have created concepts for Finnish and Internation B2B and B2C brands
Most of these have been integrated marketing campaigns which use both digital and traditional media
I believe in undestanding systems and where they can be affected to create change
I believe fun, emotional and daring campaigns are the right way to go for most brands, since they are only ones that really get noted
The great part of the data-driven approach is a continual and almost real time feedback loop
A high historic success rate in bringing in clients
Used to do stand up, Toastmasters and still love karaoke
Best moment: performed a jingle with a guitar in a concept pitch
Tactics to increase site visibility
Planned and written countless social media based campaigns
Writing SEO optimized article content
Writing and launching GoogleAds paid campaigns
I have received certificates for Google Analytics and Google Ads.

Software skills

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Microsoft Word
Google Office
Microsoft Excel
Google Analytics


“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein


Native level


Very close to native level


Good to great depending on practise


Good to basic understanding


Advanced beginner to intermediate